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Tape Extension Accessory Bundle #2
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Item: Tape Extension Accessory Bundle #2
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What's Included:

1x Reinstallation Tape

1x Bond Remover

1x Detangle hair Brush

Reinstallation Tape

- 5 sheets per package (70 pieces of tape)

- Approximately 3 re-installations of tape-in extensions.

- Highest medical grade tape available- Made in the USA

Size: 5/16in  x  108in

Detangle Hair Brush

The Bombay Hair detangle hairbrush seamlessly removes tangles and smooths the hair.

Perfect for all hair types and ages - including children. 

Bond Remover

Make removing your Bombay Hair tapes a cinch with Bombay Hair Tape Bond Remover. This oil based remover helps extensions glide off your natural hair, all while leaving your hair soft and not oily!