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Tape In Hair Extensions

Add length and volume to your hair with Bombay Hair tape in extensions. Our luxury hairline contains the highest quality of hair, 100% virgin hair, providing you with beautiful hair that will last for months. With more than 30 color options to choose from and lengths of 16’’, 18”, 20’’, and 22’’, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect look.

What Are Tape In Hair Extensions?

Tape in extensions is a semi-permanent solution that help your hair look longer and fuller. They are perfect for those who want to have I woke up like this hair. Tape in extensions take about 45 minutes to 1.5 hours to be installed and can last anywhere from 6-9 weeks, though the hair can be reinstalled until 1 year with proper care.

Buy Guide for Tape In Hair Extensions

When purchasing your tape in hair extensions, the number of packs you need will depend on your natural hair’s thickness. We recommend the following guidelines:

For Fine/Thin Hair: We recommend ordering 1-2 packs of hair

For Medium Hair: We recommend 2-3 packs of hair

For Thick Hair: We recommend at least 3-4 packs of hair

Ordering an extra pack of hair is always a great idea for ensuring you have the ideal amount of hair for the installation appointment. You can always use the extra pack for touch-ups or re-installation at a later date. The trick is to make sure you have enough hair to hide the divide between your natural hair and your extensions, so taking an extra pack with you for installation will ensure your stylist can create a seamless blend. We also recommend ordering a pack of replacement tape, just in case you need to re-tape any pieces in between salon visits.

How To Use Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape used in our hair extensions is a hypoallergenic medical adhesive that is made in the U.S. Our tape provides a secure application that can easily be removed and used for reapplication.

For installation, we always recommend you see a professional.

Hair Type: 100% Virgin Hair

Application: 45 minutes to 1 hours 30 minutes

Reapplication: 6 to 9 weeks

Life Span: Up to 12 months

Tape In Hair Extensions FAQs

How long do tape in hair extensions last?

Bombay Hair tape in extensions, when professionally installed, will last you 2 to 3 months. The hair itself can last up to 1 year with extra care, professional removal, and re-installation. The best way to make our natural hair extensions last longer is to not dye, purple shampoo, or alter them in any way (just like your own hair).

Care is key when it comes to the life of your tape in hair extensions! Since each of our tape ins is 100% human hair the best advice is to treat it like your own hair. Always gently brush your hair during wear and before you store them away. Always store your hair properly in the zip bag provided, or on a hang-your-hair hanger inside of a carrier. The more products and heat you apply to your hair, the more love it will need. Shop Our Extension Accessories and Hair Care Products Here

Overall, the better you take care of your tape in hair extensions the longer they will last. An important factor in expanding the lifespan of your extensions is by deep conditioning. It is great to deep condition them once a week (if you wear them often). Also, overnight deep conditioning with a small amount of Argan or Almond Oil is an extra step you can take in caring for your extensions. We recommend laying your extensions flat to dry on satin or silk.

Avoid dying, toning, or altering the hair in any way.

Do tape in hair extensions ruin your hair?

No. Tape in extensions use an adhesive to bond with your natural hair that can easily be removed by a salon professional. We also sell a great gentle bond remover.

We do recommend that you always treat your Bombay Hair like your own natural, human hair. Heat protectant sprays and hair oils are a great way to maintain the integrity of your hair when using our hair tools.

How many times can you use tape in hair extensions?

You can use tape in hair extensions as many times as you want! Wearing extensions will not cause any damage to your hair.

Can you wash hair with tape in hair extensions?

Yes, while you can wash your hair with your tape ins, washing your hair daily is not recommended. Specifically, we recommend washing your extensions up to 3 times per week, as any amount of washing beyond that will cause the tape’s adhesive to weaken. Important, do you not apply conditioner to the root of the tape bonds, as that can cause them to loosen.

Can you shower with tape in hair extensions?

Yes, but you should wait 48 hours from when your tape in hair extensions are applied before showering. If you do need to shower with your tape in hair extensions, we recommend wearing a shower cap. This will ensure the adhesive has enough time to dry. We also recommend using a deep conditioning treatment once per week on your tape in hair extensions.

How do you dry your hair with tape in hair extensions?

You can either let your hair air dry completely with tape in hair extensions or let your hair air dry for a few minutes and then gently use a blow dryer. Important, do not apply heat directly onto the bond.

Which color tape hair extensions are available?

The following colors are available:

  • Black tape hair extensions
  • Brown tape hair extensions
  • Blonde tape hair extensions
  • Light blonde tape hair extensions
  • Red tape hair extensions
  • Ombre/Balayage tape hair extensions
  • Rooted Ombre tape hair extensions
  • Highlight/blends tape hair extensions

Can I still wear tape in hair extensions if I have thick hair?

Yes, we can still wear tape in hair extensions if you have thick hair. We recommend buying 3 to 4 packs of the tape in hair extensions. Tape in hair extensions also adds volume to a variety of hair color!

Can I wear tape in hair extensions with short hair?

Yes, regardless of length or hair type or hair color, tape hair extensions look great on anyone.

What are clip ins?

Clip ins are hair extensions that clip into your hair and are not permanent (rather than tape in hair extensions that are semi-permanent).

What are the benefits of wearing tape in hair extensions?

Tape in hair extensions gives you longer hair with more volume while also improving self confidence. You can leave the house knowing your hair looks beautiful and completely natural. Regardless of hair type and hair color, there is a selection of Bombay Hair tape in hair extensions for you.