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Bridal Veil | Chunni/Dupatta Clips (Safety Pin)
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Item: Bridal Veil | Chunni/Dupatta Clips (Safety Pin)
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Secure Your Style with Bombay Hair Safety Pin Clips

Introducing our versatile Bridal Veil/Chunni/Dupatta Clips, perfect for keeping your scarf, chunni, dupatta, or bridal veil securely in place all day long. These clips are designed with a sharp safety pin that ensures easy attachment while minimizing damage to your delicate fabrics compared to traditional methods. Available in a variety of colors including Black, Brown, Silver, and Gold, you can match them perfectly with your outfit or hair. Each pack contains 6 durable and reliable clips, making it easier than ever to maintain your elegant look throughout the day without constant adjustments.


Key Features:

  • Sharp Safety Pin: Unlike others, our clips feature a sharp safety pin that prevents damage to your fabric.
  • Variety of Colors: Choose from Black, Brown, Silver, or Gold to perfectly match your accessories.
  • 6 Clips Per Pack: Get ample clips to secure your style without constant readjustments.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for scarfs, bridal veils, chunnis, and dupattas.


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1. Prepare Your Veil/Scarf/Chunni/Dupatta:

    • Arrange your veil, scarf, chunni, or dupatta as desired.

2. Attach the Clip:

    • Take one of the clips and carefully open the safety pin.

3. Secure the Fabric:

    • Pinch a small section of the fabric from underneath the veil, scarf, chunni, or dupatta.
    • Insert the sharp pin through the fabric and close the safety pin in place.

4. Secure to Hair or Outfit:

    • Attach the hair clip securely to your hair or outfit, ensuring it holds the fabric firmly.

5. Check the Fit:

    • Ensure the fabric is held firmly and adjust if necessary.

6. Repeat as Needed:

    • Use additional clips to secure other sections of your veil, scarf, chunni, or dupatta as needed.

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