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Is the item you want to purchase on Back Order?

What is back order?

When a product goes out of stock we place it on 'back order' - which allows you to purchase the item so that once it is restocked you are first in line to get it.


For example, if you purchased clip-in extensions and it stated:

ON BACK ORDER - WILL SHIP (insert date)

Your order will ship out on the date specified. Please note, the ship date is an estimate - your order can ship earlier or later than the anticipated 'back order' date. 


Can I purchase an item that is on back order?

YES - by purchasing an item on back order guarantees your order. We know it can be a wait sometimes, but the wait is well worth it!

Please let us know if you have any questions! Info@bombayhair. com


What if I order two items and only one is on back order - how can I get the other item?

If you have ordered two items and one is on back order we can:

1) Please email orders@bombayhair.com with your order number and request to split the order.


2) create two separate orders and checkout items separately.