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Hair Care Products & Hair Care Tools

Accessories Hair Drying Towel (Sand)
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Accessories Vent Hair Brush
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Accessories Hair Extension Storage (Carrier + Hanger)
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Choosing Hair Care Products

Are you looking for the perfect hair care product? We have everything you need for styling natural, healthy hair. Check out our amazing line of hair care products for professional quality that can’t be matched anywhere else! 

Ready to experience a new world of hair care? If you have been using superstore salon products or your average shelf buys, they may be seriously damaging your hair. Bombay delivers products and tools that restore and repair your hair, letting you achieve the perfect look.



How do I choose the right hair care products?

Olaplex hair care, offered by Bombay, is great for ALL hair types. So if you want noticeably healthier hair then the full range of versatile Olaplex hair products is ideal: Including shampoo, conditioner and hair treatments. Many products will only suit specific hair types or are made with basic intentions to fit all, but with Olaplex professional products, their main focus is to provide the best formula for your hair.

What hair products should I be using?

Everyone's hair is different, and using the wrong product can make waste money or have a reverse effect. If your hair is generally healthy then shampoo and condition plus no.3 is ideal. For dryer hair times use, shampoo, conditioner and no. 3 and no.6.

Can you use multiple hair products?

Yes, you can absolutely use multiple hair care products. When choosing products, many will have complimenting items. By pairing multiple hair products, you can benefit from different attributes. Many products like mousse, oil and sprays can be used in conjunction to achieve your perfect look.

What are the benefits of professional hair care products?

Professional hair care products, like the ones found at Bombay hair, repair and strengthen your hair for a healthy look and feel. By choosing a quality product, different ingredients are used to nourish your hair and prevent future damage. Hair products can also change texture, shine and volume. Talk to your stylist and explore the endless options available.

What makes professional products better?

The difference between our products and competitors is in the ingredients. While many other brands use low quality, impure or knock-off versions of the same substances to make their products, Bombay delivers only the highest quality. By focusing on providing the best quality at a higher concentration, we are able to make products that give you healthy, vibrant hair.

What does Olaplex do?

Olaplex hair care is made specifically to work at a molecular level to repair damaged and broken hair by repairing inside and out with Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. It repairs broken bonds and revives hair, increases strength and restores elasticity, and protects hair follicles from further damage. It can work with all types of extremely damaged hair to restore strands. It can help hair that is damaged from coloring or chemical treatments, applying heat, brushing or pulling, and extreme weather exposure.

Who Should Use Olaplex?

Olaplex hair care is made for all types of hair from straight to curly and thick or thin. You can purchase part three of the three part system, but part one and two are used exclusively by hairdressing professionals. They can be used with other services or as a stand alone service.