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Quick and Easy Tips For Curling Your Hair with a Flat Iron

Quick and Easy Tips For Curling Your Hair with a Flat Iron

Curling your hair with a flat iron is a time-saving way to achieve beautiful curls that will last all day. Whether you’re getting ready for a big night out or just want to change things up in your daily appearance, below are some quick and easy tips to help you master the art of curling your hair with a flat iron.

Easy Tips For Curling Your Hair Using a Flat Iron

1. Choose the Right Flat Iron

To get the best curls, it’s important to use a flat iron with an adjustable heat setting. Different hair types need different temperatures. Choose a premium flat iron with customizable heat settings to prevent causing damage to your hair.

2. Use Thinner Plates with Curved Edges

You also want to make sure your flat iron has thinner plates with curved edges. This gives you more control and precision when curling, reducing the appearance of creases, and creating natural-looking curls.

3. Prep Your Hair

Before you start curling, shampoo and condition your hair. Consider also using a heat protectant spray. Make sure your hair is completely dry to avoid any damage.

4. Section Your Hair

Now that you’re ready to start curling, divide your hair into a few manageable sections. Smaller sections tend to be easier to work with compared to large sections of hair. Use hair clips or ties to keep your hair out of the way while working with one section at a time.

5. Twist the Flat Iron Away From Your Face

Twist the flat iron away from your face to create curls that frame your face. Start by clasping the flat iron near the roots of the section you’re working on, then slowly rotate it away from your face while sliding it down the length of your hair. The slower you move, the tighter the curl will be.

Twist the Flat Iron Away From Your Face

6. Alternate Curling Directions

To give your curls a more textured appearance, try alternating the direction that you curl your hair. For example, curl some sections away from your face, and others towards your face.

7. Hold and Release

Make sure as you curl each section that you hold the flat iron in place for a few seconds, typically up to 5 seconds, depending on your hair’s thickness and the iron’s temperature. Holding helps to set the curl. Gently release the hair from the flat iron and never tug or pull.

8. Let Your Curls Cool Down

After curling each section, let your curls cool down for a minute or two before touching them. This helps the curls set and last longer.

9. Add Final Touches

Once you've finished curling all your hair, gently run your fingers through the curls to loosen them for a more relaxed look. Finish with a spritz of flexible hold hairspray to keep your curls in place throughout the day.

By using these quick tips, curling your hair with a flat iron can easily become part of your daily style routine. It might take some practice, but you’ll have the technique mastered in no time.


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