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5 Tips About Tape In Hair Extensions

5 Tips About Tape In Hair Extensions - BOMBAY HAIR

Check out these fabulous tips from Natalie (@KindaVoguish) for installing her new Bombay Hair tape-in extensions! She shows us step-by-step how her hairdresser put them in her hair.

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Hair Extensions 101: 5 Tips to Get You Started


 Natalie had 3 packs of our Platinum Blonde (1002) tape in extensions (that is 150g grams of hair). Take a look below:

But first, here is my sad, fried, and extension-less hair BEFORE…

… and AFTER!

Y’all, let me just say- the rumours were TRUE. I’ve had them in for a month now, and they are the softest, most real-feeling extensions I’ve ever tried ( Lord knows, I’ve tried so many). I absolutely love these Bombay Hair extensions! Not only do they blend in seamlessly with my hair, but they’re sleek and don’t frizz like so many others. Because no, all hair extensions are NOT created equal.

So, are you thinking about getting extensions? Regardless of the style you choose, here are FIVE tips to get you started:


  1. Choose the right type of extensions for your lifestyle. Do you want something low commitment to jazz up date nights? Then you can get away with clip-ins. Looking for something more semi-permanent, but struggling with fine/thin hair like me? Tape-ins will be your best friend. Is your hair naturally thick, but you’re looking to add length? Sew-ins, Fusion or Micro Beads could work for you. Bombay Hair carries all of these in multiple lengths and colors!
  2. Choose a quality brand. I cannot state it enough: quality, quality, quality. Do NOT cheap out when it comes to hair extensions, and here’s why. Cheap hair is poorly made, which means that it will frizz, break and someday sooner than later you may find yourself staring at a couple of wefts on the shower floor. Read the reviews, ask friends you know who have experience with extensions (like yours truly  ), and when in doubt, you can always count on Bombay!
  3. Choose a licensed and experienced stylist. I get it; hair services can add up quickly, so it’s tempting to look for ways to cut corners. But half of the success of your extensions literally depends on the skill of the person installing them. So no, don’t put them in yourself and don’t see someone who doesn’t regularly install extensions. Take it from someone who’s learned this the hard way. Gigi at Siren Salon does a fantastic job!
  4. Stock up on the right haircare products. Extensions require a little extra love, but don’t let that scare you away. If someone like me- who didn’t learn to braid until recently- can do it, so can you! My must-haves include a sulfate-free shampoo, deep conditioner, thermal heat protectant spray, leave-in conditioner and hair oil. Remember that your extensions don’t receive natural oils as your own hair does, so it’s super important to keep them from drying out.
  5.  Sleep with your hair braided or pulled back in a ponytail. Sounds kind of silly and insignificant, right? But I promise you won’t want to skip this easy step. Again, since your extensions don’t receive the natural oils your real hair does, it’s much easier for them to tangle. Braiding them or pulling them back into a loose pony helps prevent this and ultimately contributes to your extensions lasting a long time.


And there you have it! Not too overwhelming, right? All it really takes is a little research and TLC. If you have any tips you feel I’ve missed or want to share your experience with hair extensions, let me know in the comments.


Source: https://kindavoguish.com/hair-extensions-101-5-tips-to-get-you-started/

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