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Hair//5 Minute Loose Waves Tutorial

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Let’s just be real for a minute, Moms–who has more than five minutes to do their hair? Actually, who even has five minutes? Exactly. Even if you’re not a Mom, I remember before Blake waking up last minute, rushing through my hair and out the door. Time saving hair tricks are my middle name. So today I’m sharing a five minute, easy, wave tutorial with Bombay Hair for you! I’ve actually made it really easy because I’ve linked the products below I use, the styling tool and put it all in a quick video!




Tips and tricks:

  1. Prep your hair with a good moose before blowdrying (I’ve linked my favorite below), then spray with hairspray and brush before starting the curling process.
  2. Only section hair for placing the extensions in. Use a thin comb or a weaving comb to make clean, even and quick parts.
  3. Don’t section off hair for curls, this is what gives it more of a loose, beach wave look. Grab 1″ thick sections to curl. Remember the bigger the section, the looser the curl will be.
  4. Hairspray finished curls. Then lightly brush out the curls on the end to give it more of a loose look.
  5. Remember, they’re always going to look a little tighter the first hour, then they will loosen up for the ultimate beach wave look!

Hair extensions in shade: Ash Brown (8) 20" 160g

Styling Tool c/o 5 in 1 Curling Wand by Bombay Hair (used 32mm wand)

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