Vintage Bounce Curls Tutorial

The holiday’s are upon us and that means lots of gatherings, parties, and photo ops! In light of all the festivities and reasons to dress up, I wanted to teach you one of my new favorite ways to curl my hair!

I call it the “vintage bounce” look!



• 5-in-1 Bombay Curling Wand (Bombay)

• 25mm Gold Curling Wand (Bombay)

• Hair claw clips or lots of bobby pins

• A teasing brush

• Hair tie/big clip

• Heat resistant glove

*I am wearing 18-inch clip-in hair extensions in this tutorial

Begin by pulling majority of your hair up on top of your head so that it is out of the way. Leave the bottom half of your hair down.


Wrap a strand of hair around the wand from. In the video you will note that a wrap the hair in the direction that make it frame my face. I hold the curls on the wand for about 7 seconds, and then let the curl fall slowly into my hand.



Then I clip the curl, in its coiled state, to my head with a hair claw clip or bobby pin. I continue doing this to my whole head, leaving the curls clipped up for at least 10 minutes before letting them down. This makes the curl hold much longer, AND it makes it super bouncy and full!




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