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Brand & Stylist Affiliate Program

The Bombay Hair Brand & Stylist Affiliate Program is completely FREE to join. Start earning today, on every sale and video* you make for Bombay Hair!

How Do I Benefit?

- You get one FREE tool, to make social media content (with possibility of receiving even more free products, and new product releases!)

- Exclusive codes and link to share with your followers

- Earn $5* per order using your affiliate code or link

- Earn $75* per social media video, upon Bombay Hair approval

- Possibility of being featured on @bombayhair social media's


- Have an active social media account with over 10,000 followers, with focus on beauty or hair

- Have a account on bombayhair.com OR bombayhair.ca

- Must be following @bombayhair on Instagram. (In Canada, required to also follow @bombayhairbar)

- Required to post about Bombay Hair and Tag (@bombayhair) a minimum of 2 posts* per month; photos or videos

How do I earn $75 per video?

- Create an original, high-resolution video of you using your favourite Bombay Hair products. We are looking for tutorials on how you use your Styling Tools or install your Bombay Hair extensions!

- Always shoot in vertical format (For example, IG Reels/TikTok format)

- Ideally under 60 seconds

- In the video state or add on screen the full product name so your followers can easily find them on our site

- For music, do NOT use inappropriate songs with explicit content

- Do not include watermarks, or irrelevant logos or text

- Do NOT include your code within the video, only include codes in the caption. Your video will be rejected if you share your code in the video.

- Finally, upload on your social media, and then email us the original video* at social@bombayhair.com !

*Please allow up to 2 weeks for our team to review your video and PayPal you the $75, if we approve your video.


* Additional terms are conditions apply, at the sole discretion of Bombay Hair LTD. If you fail to meet all requirements, you will be subject to removal or rejection. Bombay Hair reserves the right to use any and all photos and/or videos created while in the Brand & Stylist Affiliate Program, such as in marketing and promotional content, youtube content, and use on-site or in-store.