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Permanent Hair Extensions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do permanent hair extensions last?

Tape, weave, and fusion hair extension's average life span is 3-12 months depending on care! Our semi-permanent line can be installed and re-installed. The best way to make these long lasting extensions is not to dye, purple shampoo, or alter them in any way, just like your own hair. This is an average life span and may be longer or shorter.

Bombay Hair tape, weave, and fusion hair is made from the highest grade of hair, 100% virgin human hair – our luxury hairline is designed to last as long as possible with daily wear!

How much are permanent hair extensions?

Permanent hair extensions costs range from $75 - $210.

How do people get permanent hair extensions?

All permanent hair extensions are meant to be installed by a professional hairstylist for optimal results and longevity.

With Tape-ins, hair is taken in small sections and ‘sandwiched’ between two (2) pieces of tape. For thinner hair types, you may apply just one (1) piece with single-sided tape. The Installation time typically takes between .5 to 1.5 Hours.

With Weave Wefts, the hair is designed to be ‘sewn in' by a professional hairstylist.

I-Tip (Micro Bead) Extensions require NO heat or glue. The application is achieved by threading each I-tip and a strand of hair into a looping tool, through a cooper looping bead, and then attached to the client's hair by clamping the bead to the hair.

Keratin Tip (K-Tip) extensions are installed using a heating element that safely melts the Keratin Tips onto your own hair. The Keratin Tips are bonded close to the roots of your hair to allow for a seamless blend like natural hair.

How to care for permanent hair extensions?

Always care for your Bombay Hair as you would your own hair.

  1. Remember to brush your Bombay hair extension when dry with a soft bristle brush (Bombay Hair Vent Brush). This will ensure tangle-free and smooth hair.
  2. Deep condition hair once every 1 to 2 weeks.
  3. Always use a heat-protecting spray when curling or flat ironing your Bombay Hair.
  4. Hair oils are a great way to maintain the integrity of your hair when using our hair tools.
  5. Wash your Bombay Hair extension with a sulfate-free, gentle shampoo, and with plenty of conditioners, rinse thoroughly.
  6. Avoid dying, toning, or altering the hair in any way!